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Specialized services of electrical unit


-  Offers products of Legrand (provides all types of switches and sockets for buildings and industries, cooper and optical fiber cables, subsidiary equipment and all passive accessories related to computer networks such as all types of Legrand trunkings, Legrand sockets and mechanism, Legrand sockets, Legrand building smart systems, low-voltage equipment and etc.)


-  Offers Leoni equipment (provides all types of cooper and optical fiber data cableswith special coatings like Steel Armored, PE, LSOH and PVC and also cables resistant to fire from 30 to 90 minutes special to certain environments (tunnels and underground closed routes and public places).


-  Offers Calwatt equipment (provides passive equipment related to computer networks) (all types of cooper and optical fiber data cables, a wide range of copper and optical fiber cables and electronic equipment).


-  Offers comprehensive solutions in structured cabling


-  Counseling, design, installation and launching of LAN computer networks according to Legrand standards


-  Counseling, design, installation and launching of Data Center projects under the license of Schnabel company in Germany


-  Offers Cisco active network equipment


-  Offers counseling, design, provisions for electrical projects


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